New Live Album "Garrin Benfield" Available Now!

Some creative projects are better left unplanned. Sometimes stepping out of the way and letting the music happen without any particular destination in mind produces the most honest results. It is in this spirit of improvisation that Garrin Benfield announces the release of a self-titled live album recorded at a few solo acoustic gigs in the Summer of 2018. 


 “The whole thing feels like kismet to me”, Garrin recalls. “I had been playing a lot of gigs without the addition of the live looping jams, and started to feel like I wanted to document how my unadorned acoustic shows were sounding. I just happened to mention to the engineer at one of the gigs that it would be cool to record the shows, because I loved the way he was mixing them. When he sent me the files, enough time had passed that I had the perspective to hear that these recordings had potential for a release, which we started preparing via email right away.”


Though eclectic in its source material, the album manages to be cohesive in Benfield’s nuanced delivery and in the warm production quality that is a document of how the shows actually sounded. 



  • Sep 14
    Le Petit Versailles,  New York NY
  • Sep 21
    Towne Crier,  Beacon NY
  • Oct 17
    Crazy Horse Saloon,  Nevada City CA
  • Oct 18
    Terrapin Crossroads,  San Rafael CA
  • Oct 19
    Point San Pablo Harbor,  Richmond CA

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Where Joy Kills Sorrow

by Garrin Benfield

Released 2004
Zacksongs Music
Released 2004
Zacksongs Music
The album, being released on Zacksongs, contains 11 tracks of diverse original material with Garrin's words, voice, and guitar as its centerpiece. From the concise, electric Beatle-esque pop of "What You Wanted to Hear" and "Answers" to the aggressive, pu
Zacksongs Music announces the release of Garrin Benfield's third full-length studio CD, Where Joy Kills Sorrow. The album, being released on Zacksongs, contains 11 tracks of diverse original material with Garrin's words, voice, and guitar as its centerpiece. From the concise, electric Beatle-esque pop of "What You Wanted to Hear" and "Answers" to the aggressive, punky throttle of "Don't Panic", this CD balances song craft, melodic innovation, and a radio friendly aesthetic that has become Benfield's focus. Where Joy Kills Sorrow is a journey that also includes lush acoustic balladry, ambitious guitar excursions, and direct, thought provoking lyrics.

Where Joy Kills Sorrow is Benfield©ˆs most radio friendly and concise collection of songs. At the same time, this record is more acute in it's musical accomplishments. The result is a blend of complex arrangements and serious pop. Benfield performs all vocals, guitar, baritone guitar, mandolin and much of the bass guitar parts on the album. All 11 tracks are full-band recordings using Benfield's regular performing band.

Benfield's desire to take greater control over his music also spilled over into his career. This release is the first studio effort on independent record label, Zacksongs Music. The Zacksongs crew handles all of the administrative components of this release and upcoming tours. In addition, Zacksongs has secured the talents of "Flanagan Promotions", who will head the effort to expose the record to larger audiences through radio play and retail placement. As for Zack, he was a dear old dog.

* In early 2004 Zacksongs releases a collection of live material consisting of Benfield's concert staples titled August Live. The disc was recorded while Benfield was on tour opening for Boz Scaggs in the summer of 03.

* In 2003 Benfield contributes songs to compilation CDs for the Not in Our Name Project (along with Ani DiFranco, Michael Franti and Charlie Hunter) and Performing Songwriter Magazine.

* In 2002 Benfield's critically acclaimed CD Nowhere is Brighter is released. Alongside Benfield is Bonnie Raitt©ˆs band and special guest Boz Scaggs. The disc is named "Top 10 CD of 2002" by Performing Song writer and Acoustic Guitar Magazines. Benfield tours US as a solo performer and with his regular, touring band, appearing at some of the most highly regarded venues in the country. He is regularly asked to perform with major label and other known artists.

* In 2001 Benfield continued regular national touring, hosted a monthly songwriter series in San Francisco and was a finalist in the Telluride Troubadour Competition.

* In 2000 Benfield releases his debut album Living A Dream to high praise. Among the 13 tracks on the album was the startling tribute to murder victim Matthew Shepard that is nominated for an award oppo site Melissa Etheridge and the Indigo Girls.

* Benfield grew up the youngest of nine children in Westchester County, New York and moved to Northampton MA to attend Hampshire College. It was at Hampshire that Garrin started and played bass in his band Maya that later moved with him to San Francisco.