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In an age when “tracks” have overtaken the art of the album, Garrin Benfield announces the release of “The Wave Organ Song”, a hauntingly honest song cycle that captures an artist who has tapped into a wellspring of inspiration. “The Wave Organ Song” is a perfectly paced musical journey that might best be accompanied by candlelight and a bottle of Pinot Noir. Lovingly recorded to capture every breathy nuance, this collection of in-studio solo performances is an unadorned and chillingly intimate emotional travelogue.  more...

The List

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Banjo Jims NYC NY 12.19.10

Are You with Me

Moanin' Low

Colors in You


What You're Hiding

Rock n Roll

Snakes in the Woodpile

The Loop

No Compass

Give Peace.


From David Joseph | On January 06, 2011 @06:50 am
I am moanin' low, wishing I'd been with you...Sounds amazing.

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