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The List

The List

Just wanted to let you know that your new CD blows me away. I got it from CDBaby a couple days ago and have been listening non-stop since then. It's really great to hear you step out a little and broaden your range, both instrumentally and song-wise. Who'd'a thunk we'd hear Garrin on baritone guitar and mandolin!!! In particular, "The Loop", "Don't Panic", and "Where Joy Kills Sorrow" are really powerful songs. I've got some extra copies of your new CD and I'll be distributing them to my friends to convert some more Garrin fans.

Dan Wardlow, SF, CA

I'd like to request anything from the new Garrin Benfield (local guy) "Where Joy kills Sorrow". He's quite a musician, and has a gift for putting together some haunting rythyms, and his songs are really beautiful. I haven't heard him on KFOG at all, but have heard him LIVE and he totally captures the audience and holds us hostage while he plays...breathtaking really. I hope you'll consider his new CD for new releases Thursday.

Lakota Harden (Letter to KFOG, 104.5 FM), SF, CA

Saw you opening for Dan Bern in Nelsonville, Oh. I'm hooked. Hooked I tell you. Just be glad I don't have the $ to follow you around on tour. I'm wearing out your CDs. You are so smooth. Haven't heard anyone play like you in years. Top it off with your writing and that lovely voice and face. You've got it all. Hope you keep playing and making CDs till I'm dead and gone. Bill Monroe must be really happy right now. Wish you health, strength, and many loving unions along your way. Oh yea, and lots of big money.

Ronda Emory, Columbus, OH

GARRIN BENFIELD is an endearing part of music today. He grabs your heart with such hit's like "Ugly", one that makes my arms tingle and my eyes wet. I am so honored to air his music & will do so for months to come, maybe years! This man is a treasure, one that I will follow and will keep my listeners wanting more. There are many tracks to fall in love with and there are songs that will be played forever. He's a heart breaker and a heart maker.

Chris Mayner,, CA

I really enjoyed seeing you in Binghamton, NY a couple of weeks ago, & especially liked getting to chat with you. It's always nice to get to know someone whose music you like--it really adds an extra dimension to listening to the CDs! I have one complaint about the new CD--I can never make it to the last few tracks. After 'When Joy Kills Sorrow' ends, I keep hitting replay!! I was also so pleased that you sang my request of 'Hard Times.' The review you quote about taking all the roads is such an insightful one!

John Duda, Binghampton, NY

Just wanted to thank you again for the beautiful evening at muddy waters in Arcata, CA. Maybe it isn't the crowd you need, but little venues like that are so great for seeing terrific artists. Anyway, you have a gorgeous rich voice, and your music is quietly affecting. it really made my day. i hope you come back. and i'll look for you in SF when i am down. The Matthew Shepard song touched me. his murder was a turning point in my life.

Clayton Tschudy, Arcata, CA

Maria & I caught you perform live at the 12 Galaxies...It was pretty amazing, just as it was at the Tongue & Groove...just one problem was not long enough! I wanted more! Thanks for letting us know & I'll be sure to catch your new CD (congrats to you). Thanks for sharing your genius with us!

Jen, San Francisco

Last night, Norman and I participated as a listening, laughing, love-inspired audience for Garrin Benfield's show at San Francisco's "12 Galaxies" Club. That one-man whirlwind of an entertaining guitarist-singer-soul-soaring-sprite kept us awed for almost an hour. Doing his famous "looping jams" as well as new tunes on a bill with two other talented folk, Libby Kirkpatrick and Tom Freund, Garrin Benfield lived up to everything we had heard about him and then some! He was so aware of his audience that he even included me in his acknowledgements and told everyone how he'd seen and been impressed by my performance at Martuni's over a year ago. His generosity reminded me that my mentions of all the talented folk in audiences in New York and Los Angeles, as well as those who were gracious enough to share their performances with us, proves that in show business, it's better to be inclusive than exclusive....Thank you, Garrin!!!

Houston Allred, San Francisco

Hey Garrin! Just sitting here listening to the snippets from your new album courtesy of cdbaby and wanted to send you a quick shout out with as much kudos as an email can hold. Great job, your playing continues to inspire me! Hope all is well with you, see you out there mate!

Martine Locke, Australia

Just received my new Live CD and was surprised to see my name in the credits. Thank You very much, I'm honored. The CD is wonderful and getting heavy rotation in my house!

Steve Murray, San Francisco

It's nice to hear your song Home on the Not In Our Name CD. It's definitely one of the strongest pieces on the CD and it's great that you were part of that project.

Jim e Sparkle Pants, San Francisco

WOW!!!! It just keeps getting better and better. Thank you so much for continuing to share your gift.

Chris Lamorte, Burlington, VT

Just wanted to let you know that you are beautiful, and people are listening to you and buying your cd's in po-dunk Ogden, Salt Lake Ciy, Lubbock. Just weird places, Please continue to do what you do, and we're all looking forward to seeing you very soon.

Bryce Franis, UT

As soon as you started singing ... i felt a chill. then as you continued playing and looping back and soloing and your voice. My whole body felt the chills. What a nice tribute to Elliott Smith. Everyone did a wonderful tribute but yours blew the audience away. I was with 2 others and they felt the same as I. WOW. i think the whole audience felt it. electrifying. My friends will be there on the 12th .. unfortunately I will not be able to make it your show. I am very disappointed but now i need to wait until April. The anticipation.... oh my..

Cherie, San Francisco

I just wanted to thank you for your contribution tonight. It was the most heart-felt performance that I've seen in a long while! It was moving (for lack of a better description) and brought tears to my eyes. I was going to tell you in person, but caught the next bus instead...I figured there was not much reason to stick around after your set. Totally made my night. Thanks for making me feel alive. You are great....and I wish you luck. I know you'll do well!

Lisa Monstar, San Francisco

You're on fire - you're music is the best I've heard, your songwriting has taken off, you have charisma and a great band. Your guitar playing is much much stronger and confident now with all the effects and pedals. As they say in the music biz, you're "poised". I've never seen you better and I still believe a perfectly crafted live CD will break you, specially with what you do with "How Shall I Send Thee". The whole DSO, Dead, String Cheese audiences will adore you as long as you slip in a noodling 3-minute jam into every song (which you pretty much are). You must open national tour for one of them and the live CD will sell thousands.

Steve, San Francisco

I "discovered" you on accident about 1.5 years ago at the Bazaar Cafe (I was going to see someone else and showed up on the wrong night). On 4 separate occasions while I was playing your CD, I have had friends stop to say "who is this?" and "can I burn a copy?" (I felt kinda bad about this, so the last show I went to I threw some extra $ in the hat). I went to the show last week at the Tongue & Groove in SF with a couple of friends - Just wanted to say - Wow - great new stuff. I like the direction you are taking. I have another friend I'd like to take to the DuNord show next month. I look forward to the new CD and I wish you much success.

Mel, San Francisco

It was just amazing to hear you at the home concert. I found a lot of inspiration in what you do. The brave soloing, and of course the way you open up and sing, and the song "Hungry Ghost" which still haunts me. Peace, love, and music.

Earl, Santa Barbara, CA.

Thanks so much for sending the CD -- I have really been enjoying listening to it.  So far, my favorite tracks are "To Know", "Tonight, I Know" and "Leg", but I think the whole CD is excellent.  Your voice and your guitar playing are both great.

Stephen Schwartz, New York, NY

I was finally able to get the CD from CD Baby, it is tremendous!

Tom McGrath -- NYC, NY

I saw Garrin down in Florida several times, and I thought he was one of the most talented emerging artists I've seen yet! I would love to spread the love and word about garrin to my surroundings in Birmingham, Alabama. He has yet to come to Alabama, but I know that people around here would really appreciate his music.

Lorel Uchida, Birmingham, AL.

I saw you at the Living Room Show in NYC. Was Fabulous! Can't wait for next C.D.

Laurence Frommer -- NYC, NY

I just got home from seeing Garrin at The Bitter End and he was really on. He's added guitar sampling to his solo set (I've seen him several times both solo and with a band) and opened with a virtuosic instrumental piece. Don't miss him.

Ed Mannix -- NYC, NY

A note to say how much the "Ojai Six" enjoyed the show on the 26th. We all felt extremley privledged to have had an artist of your talent give us such an amazing show! It was well worth the drive up to Ojai to see you. The opportunity to sing harmony (?) on "To Know" is a story I am sure I will tell over and over again when you're huge!  Nowhere is Brighter has been dominating the CD player for days, and I am looking forward to purchasing your first CD soon. Thanks again for a great evening of music!

Randy B. -- Ojai, CA

I went to see Garrin Benfield this past Saturday night. He was playing in a small coffee house near San Diego State. For those of us who saw Garrin and band open for Boz this summer he was pretty good. As an up and coming artist he deserves to be heard. He has a lot of talent. There were 5 bands that were scheduled to play. One of the bands did not show up so Garrin played for over an hour. He had alot more to offer than just what we had heard before.

Judy -- San Diego, CA

Dude, you are a killer guitar player and a great songwriter. I enjoyed it immensely and am looking forward to hearing you play again.  I travel up ways to SF every now and again, i will be sure to see where you are playing when i am abouts.....

Scott -- Los Angeles, CA

I work at Humphrey's in San Diego (over 10 years) and needless to say, have heard numerous opening acts.  No opener has ever prompted me to purchase a CD - until Garrin.  What a talent!  I purchased Nowhere is Brighter and play it just about daily.

Pam -- San Diego, CA

I had a terrific time at the Red Devil Lounge the other night, Garrin. Thanks so much.  Short set, but high energy, and so sweet, so, so sweet. It's the first I've heard "Brighter" live, so I was tickled.

Ben -- San Francisco, CA

Got to see Garrin at 3 shows up here in Oregon, and was very very impressed! Each show was better than the last, and his songs keep rolling through my head. He gets such a nice sound out of that guitar (and a great voice for such a little body :) Thanks Garrin, for the shows - looking forward to seeing you again soon!

Erin -- Eugene, OR

Really enjoyed your concert at the Winery last Saturday when you opened for Boz. You guys are adorable, great musicians and quite accomplished. All the best.

Patty -- CA.

Im 17 years old. I just recently saw you in Phoenix when you opened for Boz Scaggs (if thats how you spell it). My parents really like him and they had 2 extra tickets so me and my little brother decided to go since we grew up listening to him we thought it might not be that bad even though we were probably the youngest people there. I am glad we went though cause you are really good! Hopefully you'll come back for another show cuz youve got real good music and I¹d enjoy going to see you in concert again. Your new Fan.

Casey -- Phoenix AZ

I was at the recent concert at AVA in Tucson Arizona where you opened for Boz Scaggs. I am 27 years old, and my mom is a big Boz fan. She and my dad used to listen to him a lot when I was younger, so she dragged me along. Of course, I was a bit reluctant because for the life of me, I couldn't remember what songs he sang. Well, we got to the venue, and were surprised to discover that he had an "opening act." Let me tell you, when you and Josh came on and began to jam, I realized you did not fall under that category. You are such a great guitarist and vocalist, and you definitely made my mom and I fans. It was so nice to see someone young able to play so many different types of music. We tried to buy your CD, but didn't have any cash on us. So, I will be ordering your CD's from the connection on your website. Thanks for the exposure to a whole new world of music, and I hope to catch another show of yours sometime soon!

Andrea -- Tucson, AZ

I just wanted to let you know how happy I am for you with your growing success and all. I nearly fell over when I read that you got the opening slot for Boz Scaggs. That is great!!!!! And you know what, I don't think that anyone I know deserves some recognition more than you...Please keep up the good work!!! I can't wait to see you headlining your own national tour someday. It's will happen, it's destiny!!!


Need to comment on the opening act for Boz the past few weeks. Amazing talent, guys. Along with drummer, Russell Gold and upright bassist, Joshua Zucker, this trio doesn't miss a beat and can only compliment each other. I hope they continue to perform together. Although I've owned a copy of Garrin's CD, "Nowhere is Brighter", for awhile, this was my first time to see Garrin live. "Live" really leads him to shine! He is truly an extraordinary guitar player as well as vocalist. (Very seductive voice... I could listen to him sing all night. And definitely easy on the eyes... but what's that got to do with his music, you ask? Try listening!) Have yet to put my finger on his music style, folk-rock maybe, but clearly music you can stomp your feet to or sing along with. If you get the chance, catch him live. Or check out his CD's. Pretty impressive, if you ask me.

Jen -- FL

Garrin and his bandmates created a full and diverse sound. I particularly liked Hungry Ghost, which he performed at the end of his set. I'm sure he'd resent the comparison , but I find his voice has similar strength and quality at times to be compared to Chris Issac. His acoustic guitar solos were hard driving electrical tirades exhibiting a familiarity and dexterity with his instrument. All in all, a commendable performance, especially in light of the fact that there was very little audience familiarity with his material and yet he held their attention and the response was warm and accepting.SkipI thought it was interesting how he played his acoustic guitar as though it were an electric, especially when he'd switch on the special effects (echo, etc.) He had the inside of his guitar stuffed with foam to keep it from feeding back so it wasn't like you'd want to strum folk songs on that guitar... [grin] The sparse trio format kinda reminded me of the early rockabilly from Sun Records. A louder backup band would have drowned him out so it worked really well. As for Garrin's musical style it reminded me of the new generation of singer/songwriters (like John Mayer) but then he'd go into a spacey segment like the jam bands. [grin] I hope that things turn out well for him and his band!


I loved you all at Freedom Village. Your set really opened the day for me with just the right carefree, open, do-yer-own-thing summer-of-love vibe. I expecially got off on the long jams. Thanks, and I hope you come to Santa Cruz sometime"

Kaleo the dancing fool -- San Francisco

Just wanted to tell you how wonderful you were at Sweetwater last Saturday. Loved how you turned that audience around with that guitar playing! It was so nice seeing you do a whole set (I'd only seen you do "round robins" at Dolores Park). You were great.

Ron Z. -- Marin County, CA

Not only is your music heart achingly beautiful, but you obviously have a very warm, generous soul. I don't know what I did to deserve somebody of your talent performing on my back porch, but I am very grateful indeed. Thank you.

Gayle R. -- California

My friends and I had a wonderful time at your show at kimo's. You and your band rocked. Both my girlfriends bought your CD and love your music. And of course I am always elated to hear you sing.

Tommie M. -- San Francisco

Just wanted to tell you that your show blew me away last night. I had no idea about the new direction you are heading in, and it's awesome. The band members were all great and you were amazing.

Danny S. -- San Francisco

You inspired me to actually get off my butt and buy a used guitar and teach myself --- a project I've been thinking of for too many years now...

Ray Q. -- New York

Great to see that you're getting out there and doing what you love and do so well, play music. In these troubling times, music is all the more necessary to ease the anxiety in our souls and the incessant noise in our minds. Hope it all goes well and brings inspiration and thought to many who need it, even if they don't necessarily realize it. So play your heart out mate; we all need to hear it!

Damian M. -- San Francisco

I saw you at Eddies Attic during my visit to Atlanta...bought your CD's fabulous!

Jenny -- Georgia

My wife & I saw you at Swallow Hill in Denver a few months ago. We love your CD. Thanks for sharing your music with the world. Hope to see you in Denver again.

Ken M. -- Colorado

You performed here in Sarasota/Bradenton in the fall. At Fogartyville Cafe I purchased your CD "Nowhere is Brighter" and pretty much play it daily. I hope that you will consider coming back here for another live performance sometime soon!! Want to Thank You again for the great music you have created in word and melody. Keep up the good work!

Maddie -- Florida

Some friends of mine gave me your disc and also put me on your mailing list. I've been meaning to write earlier and tell you how much I enjoy your CD. Fantastic, soulful work. Great writing, vocals, guitar work, the whole package. I wish you all the best and I hope somewhere along the road we get a chance to connect.

Dave -- Denver

It's a great CD - We keep discussing which is our favorite song - tough call. (A good sign).

Karl -- Colorado

By the way, all of my friends love your "Nowhere is Brighter" CD. I'll be buying your first CD after the holidays. Once again, great music!!

Lorel Uchida, Florida.

We enjoyed the organic acoustics last night. Garrin, you are a very talented musician.....we listened to "Nowhere is Brighter" all the way home, it is wonderful. Wow......

Shanna -- North Carolina

I know you meet a lot of people and probably don't remember who I am but that's alright. You did a great job at "The Evening Muse" Tuesday night. You inspired me as a guitar player and overall musician. Great job again. Hope to hear from you soon.

Tim -- Charlotte, NC

This is an excellent album (Nowhere is Brighter). It is as good as a lot of the "big label" stuff that crosses our desks daily.

Rosalie H. -- Bay Area, KFOG DJ

After I had been listening to you for a good half hour, I knew you were someone with deep soul, and you are very good on your guitar, I like your style. In fact I mentioned that perhaps you were inspired by Neil Young?! I could feel in your songs today that you are a great contributor to this world, and I didn't even know who you were, I was just on my way to study. Upon reading your website, which is very nice, I can now see where you get your drive. I too am from New York, upstate, & I value the music of Bob Dylan and the many others from the Woodstock era. They inspired my youth. I wish you all the success!

Jonalynn -- Florida

People are obviously realizing the amazing gift it is of being able to see you play! I hope the rest of your tour sees you playing a dozen encores at each show, and blissfully happy!

Chris M. -- San Francisco, CA

We loved your shows @ Eddie's Attic and Java House. Adrian is a keeper....she harmonizes with you beautifully. You should work together more! Great CDs! Thanks for coming south; we look forward to your next visit.

Bill and Lynn -- Atlanta, GA

I never made time to write you and tell you HOW MUCH I and my friends enjoyed your show here weeks ago. It was SO much fun and your lyrics and voice reached a level I had never heard before with the guest members that night. I really enjoy when your girlfriend sings with you. Awesome...Good luck with your tour these coming months..

Blair -- New York City

On Thursday at the Tucson Songwriter Showcase Concert Series we had a performer at Hazy Dayz named Garrin Benfield, from San Francisco. He was terrific. Superb guitar player, really strong vocalist, and a good writer. The strength of his voice really contrasts with his physical stature. And it seems like his guitar sound comes from movement more than stretches as he has fairly small hands. He has done some touring as an opener for Boz Scaggs and on his latest CD he has most of Bonnie Raitt's band backing him. If you get a chance to hear him you will be rewarded. Please pass this on to others who might be interested. It comes with my Seal of Approval.

Hank C. -- Tuscon, AZ

I went down in the freezing rain to Don Hill's last night to see Garrin, and it was WELL WORTH IT! The boy is rockin' fabulous! Somehow it made me reminisce about our young granola days, goin' to the Clear Water festival etc etc. He has a great voice and is a real virtuoso at the guitar. Wish that there had been someone like this performing when I was 16 or at least 18!!!! I bought both of Garrin's CD;s which he so graciously signed. I may go again to the second show on Saturday night...

Lorenzacho -- New York City

I raced back from Hartford, just in time to catch the start of Garrin's 45-minute set at Fire and Water in Northampton -- The performance first: Garrin was dressed very collegiate and preppy, neat white shirt and casual dark slacks, He played solo acoustic -- unplugged -- in the hallowed tradition of his contemporary folk-oriented singer/songwriter forebears, for a meagre audience of about 25 people. A tiny handful of those folks appeared to have some prior knowledge of his work, and his mounting fame in California. But most were clueless, albeit (generally) respectful and attentive. The non-recognition factor is hardly surprising, since Garrin's touch of celebrity (which I later discussed with him) is, at the moment, confined to the West Cost, and a few localized pockets of admiration and recognition in the singer/songwriter community. He announced most of the songs as being from the new album, although he did add Stephen Foster's mid-19th Century "Hard Times" -- in an achingly lovely, very contemporary setting, which reveals the durability of Foster's musical aesthetic, and his standing as one of the major progenitors of what would become the authentic American style of "personal and emotional" songwriting. Garrin himself is an absolutely ingratiating presence as a performer. Blessed with a splendid bari-tenor voice, and superb natural talents as both a lyricist and a melodist, he's a gifted young singer/songwriter who manages to fluoresce with emotional ardor and sincerity, while remaining personally just a bit opaque and elusive, perhaps as a necessary measure of self-protection.

Dana -- Northampton, MA

Hey there, I just wanted to drop a line to say that I am extremely impressed with Garrin's music. Just listened for the first time last night and I am really excited. It's great to be able to have music that I like AND feel I can connect to. I am really happy I stumbled across the samples! I am in CT, so I will be sure to catch the Bridgeport and NYC shows coming up over the next couple of weeks. I will be picking up both CDs this week and can't wait ro hear this stuff live! I'm definitely a fan!

Jay D. -- Norwalk, CT

You sounded great Garrin tonight at WPKN, I'm glad I was tuned in. I'll be adding you to my CD collection. Barbie Wanted to say that your lyrics make a good read. That's pretty potent when you mix good writing with music.

Brian -- San Francisco, CA

Hey.... I saw u perform at the Bitter End last week in NYC. I listened to your CD the entire way home and am loving it. Your performance rocked ... Needless to say, you got yourself a new fan and I've turned a couple of friends onto u. I plan on seeing u when u return to the east coast in Sept.

Todd -- New York City

I just wanted to thank you for the incredible set you performed at the Freedom Village this past weekend. I was feeling a little floaty and really enjoyed the down-home emotionality of your music. Having been through a very recent breakup myself, I totally related to the ambivalence and uncertainty you sang about. In fact, many of your songs brought me to the point of tears--in a happy "connected" sort of way, not a "life sucks" kind of way. When you played "Leg," one of my very favorite songs, I felt like I was transported back to another time, when summers were warm and grassy and free (i.e. in places other than typically freezing SF) Watching you and your lovely co-singer/backup vocalist was like being in 1970-something hippie commune where everything was peaceful, life-loving and beautiful. I want to thank you for that experience--it was magical... I bought your latest CD today and LOVE it! Any plans to release a live or acoustic album? I'd love to have a live version of "To Know" like you did on Sunday with just you, the guitar and your backup vocalist. I liked the simple arrangement... Anyway, I wish you the best of luck and success in your career and look forward to hearing more sets!

Andy -- San Francisco

Great fucking show. Thank you. You guys sounded great. Jane Brody (I can't remember her name for sure) sounds amazing with you, and Joshua was looking hot with his upright. Your guitar work just gets more intricate and beautiful every time I listen to you. Aaaah! You rock! I'm really proud of you...

Caeriel -- New York City

Garrin, I've had the new CD keeping me company the last few days. I've had maybe 4 or 5 listens...THIS IS GOOD WORK! THe quality of production, subtlety of your trade, simple and profound truth of your lyrics and maturity as a song writer are all so evident on this album. I'm proud and happy for you. "What to listen for" has KFOG written all over it. You need to have them listen to this! I am upset about "Crazy Love" because its so catchy I cant get it out of my fucking head! Great song though..

Dylan -- Oakland, CA

Hi Garrin, Hey, I LOVED your show, and the CD is excellent!

Rick -- Berkeley, CA

Hey...just sittin' here taking in the new CD. I think you should know that I bring CD's home so my wife can listen, and she has never been too impressed with what I've brought home. As a matter of fact, when I mentioned it, she said "oh goody", meaning not another. But, I cranked it up and she started bopping around and thought it was terrific! WAY TO GO! You better watch out, cause it's where it's at...Keep up the good work!

Don J. -- Spokane, WA

I had no idea you had such a strong voice and that you could wail on the guitar. I like bluegrass a lot so I was happy to hear some of it. Anyway, good luck with the new album and everything.

Moti -- San Francisco

Fantastic show last night! Man, I wish you could keep that band on a regular basis. Nina Gerber, especially! She fuckin' rocks, totally underrated in my opinion. Thanks for the "Slave" (and the great rendition). The boy on horn was pretty awesome too, and not bad lookin' either. Congrats again on a stellar performance. Cant wait to hear more groovy tunes.

Marty -- Los Angeles, CA

You are going to make your mark with this album, Garrin. Congratulations.

Jason S. -- San Francisco, CA

Garrin, while i like your sweet, intimate style on the stage at the Bazaar, you also rock -- I love both your bluesy stuff (I love blues in general), and your rockabilly (which I don't always like, but I do like yours), and you're obviously in charge when you're when you're on stage with a bigger band, although the band seems to love you -- what more could you want? I hope you get a major record label deal for your third CD-- you deserve it!! Thanks again for a great show!

Walt -- San Francisco

You were really terrific last night. Your sweetness and warmth shines through your music so profoundly.

Katy -- San Francisco

Garrin's performance was nothing short of astounding -- his guitar work is the best I've ever heard "live" (imaginative, challenging, precise, and still full of feeling), and his overall performance was really "alive". I look forward to Garrin's new CD!

Jim C -- California

I'm SO glad I made it to the Starry Plough Friday night - WOW - what an inspirational performance.......!!!! I got a copy of your pre-mastered CD for my drive to Gilroy on Saturday and I LOVE it!!!! I know how hard you've all been working on it, but to these ears - it's all worth's GORGEOUS!!!! I played some of it for my friend and fellow music lover who I was visiting down there, and he was impressed (his first listen to your music). The arrangement on "Lonely Journey" is beautiful......and there were a few songs on there I didn't recognize; "Home" is also especially beautiful.... Can't wait for the final copies to be available - hopefully in time for Mother's Day, because I'm buying one for my mom!

Brenda -- Oakland, CA

It was a great show. I really appreciated the beautiful acoustic sounds of your style and from the beginning of your set was very happy I came. I went to your website and saw you played the fretless bass. I am a big fan of the fretless bass, anyway pretty cool.

Emily -- California

I just came across your site. I must say the music is great. I especially like "WALKING". the backgrounds are awesome. It is so like calming and reassuring. Beautiful song overall. I like the honesty of "What You're Hiding" and the guitars on "Living a Dream" give it a more intimate feel. Well, anyways. I will let you go. Just thought I'd drop you a few notes letting you know I think the music rocks....

Joal -- San Diego, CA

Just wanted to say that I loved the Valentine's show the other night. Always amazing to see you perform. It's spooky, you're so good.

Kes -- Bay Area

I met you very briefly after your first show at Humphreys. I bought your CD and you recognized me and my friend who were sitting directly across from you in the front row. I just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed your music. Your guitar-playing was awesome, your voice beautiful, and the songs you write are just the kind I like. I play guitar and write songs too - and the same style (only not near as well as you). You had me at the first song -- I'm putting myself on your mailing list so I can see you again if you're ever around. Also, I am completely enjoying your CD.

Jack -- San Diego, CA