New Live Album "Garrin Benfield" Available Now!

Some creative projects are better left unplanned. Sometimes stepping out of the way and letting the music happen without any particular destination in mind produces the most honest results. It is in this spirit of improvisation that Garrin Benfield announces the release of a self-titled live album recorded at a few solo acoustic gigs in the Summer of 2018. 


 “The whole thing feels like kismet to me”, Garrin recalls. “I had been playing a lot of gigs without the addition of the live looping jams, and started to feel like I wanted to document how my unadorned acoustic shows were sounding. I just happened to mention to the engineer at one of the gigs that it would be cool to record the shows, because I loved the way he was mixing them. When he sent me the files, enough time had passed that I had the perspective to hear that these recordings had potential for a release, which we started preparing via email right away.”


Though eclectic in its source material, the album manages to be cohesive in Benfield’s nuanced delivery and in the warm production quality that is a document of how the shows actually sounded. 




The List

The List

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for shows past January 2010, see "calendar" page.  2010 1.3.10 Mojito SF CA1.8.10 Aroma Roasters Santa Rosa CA1.9.10 Aqus Cafe Petaluma CA1.24.10 Mojito SF CA1.29.10 Dolores Park Cafe SF CA2.11.10 Larkin Street Youth Services 2009 (98 Shows)  1.08.09 Access SF Cable TV Taping SF CA1.09.09 Aroma Roasters Santa Rosa CA1.15.09 Giordano Bros. SF CA1.17.09 Fillmore Lounge SF CA            with Willie Nelson1.18.09 Mojito SF CA1.24.09 Connecticut Yankee SF CA2.06.09 Giordano's SF CA2.10.09 Ace Cider Pub Sebastopol CA2.13.09 Cafe DuNord SF CA2.17.09 Mojito SF CA2.19.09 Giordano's SF CA3.01.09 Mojito SF CA3.04.09 Abbey Tavern SF CA3.06.09 Aroma Roasters Santa Rosa CA3.12.09 Giordano's SF CA3.20.09 Dolores Park Cafe SF CA4.01.09 Abbey Tavern SF CA4.04.09 KPIG Radio SF CA4.09.09 Hemlock Tavern SF CA4.11.09 Cafe Du Nord SF CA4.15.09 Abbey Tavern SF CA4.18.09 SF House Concert Series SF CA4.19.09 Mojito SF CA4.24.09 Cyber Cafe West Bingamton NY4.25.09 The Living Room NYC NY4.26.09 Towne Crier Pawling NY4.27.09 Taboon NYC NY4.28.09 Fennario Westchester PA4.29.09 IOTA Club and Cafe Arlington VA4.30.09 Langdon Street Cafe Montpelier VT5.01.09 Radio Bean Burlington VT5.02.09 On the Rise Richmond VT5.03.09 House Concert Keene NH5.06.09 Connecticut Yankee SF CA5.13.09 Abbey Tavern SF CA5.19.09 Cafe Royale SF CA5.26.09 Madrone Lounge SF CA5.30.09 Bobolink Music Festival Belden CA5.31.09 Bobolink Music Festival Belden CA6.05.09 Giordano's SF CA6.06.09 Music Flea Market SF CA6.09.09 Mojito SF CA6.10.09 Abbey Tavern SF CA6.12.09 Black Cat Bar Penngrove CA6.13.09 Private Party SLO CA6.20.09 Summer Solstice Festival Placerville CA6.24.09 Climate Theatre SF CA 7.02.09 High Sierra Music Festival7.03.09 High Sierra Music Festival7.08.09 Abbey Tavern SF CA7.14.09 Mojito SF CA7.15.09 The Stud SF CA7.19.09 San Diego Pride Festival San Diego CA7.21.09 Cafe Royale SF CA7.22.09 Abbey Tavern SF CA7.24.09 Dolores Park Cafe SF CA7.25.09 Don Quixote's Felton CA7.29.09 Abbey Tavern SF CA7.30.09 Giordano's SF CA8.01.09 Sausalito Houseboat Concert Sausalito CA8.12.09 Abbey Tavern SF CA8.14.09 Aroma Roasters Santa Rosa CA8.15.09 Aqus Cafe Petaluma CA8.22.09 Connecticut Yankee SF CA8.25.09 Mojito SF CA8.26.09 Abbey Tavern SF CA8.29.09 Zayante Hodown Zayante CA9.06.09 Martuni's SF CA9.10.09 Giordano's SF CA9.16.09 Abbey Tavern SF CA9.17.09 Giordano's SF CA9.18.09 Bazaar Cafe SF CA9.19.09 Aroma Roasters SF CA9.22.09 Corporate Party Union City CA9.23.09 Dead to the World KPFA 9.26.09 Left Coast Cyclery Berkeley CA9.28.09 MILK SF CA9.29.09 Shanti House Concert SF CA9.30.09 Abbey Tavern SF CA10.2.09 Mojito SF CA10.3.09 Faeposium SF CA10.9.09 The Living Room SF CA10.10.9 Towne Crier Pawling NY10.11.9 House Concert Keene NH10.15.9 Skinny Pancake Burlington VT10.16.9 On The Rise Richmond VT10.17.9 Cyber Cafe West Binghamton NY10.18.9 House Concert Brooklyn NY10.21.9 Abbey Tavern SF CA10.23.9 Wild Side West SF CA10.23.9 Plough and Stars SF CA10.30.9 Maggie McGarry's SF CA11.6-8.09 Far West Conference Irvine CA11.13.9 Aroma Roasters Santa Rosa CA11.15.9 Yoshi's Lounge SF CA12.12.9 Cafe Royale SF CA12.17.9 Madrone SF CA12.27.9 Mojito SF CA 2008 (41 Shows) 1/08 -3/08 Hiatus from performance 4/11/08 Marilyn's on K Sacramento CA4/18/08 Connecticut Yankee San Francisco CA4/22/08 Fillmore Lounge San Francisco CA4/24/08 Boom Boom Room San Francisco CA5/2/08 Dolores Park Cafe San Francisco CA5/8/08 Hotel Utah San Francisco CA5/9/08 Aroma Roasters Santa Rosa CA5/14/08 Fillmore Lounge San Francisco CA5/23/08 Bobolink Music Festival Belden CA5/24/08 Bobolink Music Festival Belden CA5/25/08 Cushing Memorial Ampitheatre Mill Valley CA5/31/08 Private Party Berkeley CA6/1/08 The Ballroom Berkeley CA6/8/08 Cushing Meorial Ampitheatre Mill Valley CA6/15/08 Cushing Memorial Ampitheatre Mill Valley CA6/21/08 Summer Solstice Fest, Placerville CA6/26/08 Sophia's Thai Kitchen Davis CA6/29/08 Faerie Village SF Pride San Francisco CA7/18/08 Aroma Roasters Santa Rosa CA8.23.08 Fillmore Lounge SF CA           with Ryan Adams8.28.08 Toad in the Hole Pub, Santa Rosa CA8.29.08 Dolores Park Cafe SF CA8.30.08 Sam Flot Party Berkeley CA9.04.08 Channel 29 Studios SF CA9.05.08 Peace in The Panhandle II SF CA9.06.08 Power to the Peaceful Kids Stage SF9.06.08 Connecticut Yankee SF CA  (Gazelles)9.12.08 Aroma Roasters Santa Rosa CA9.17.08 Duboce Park, SF CA9.18.08 Giordano Bros. SF CA9.25.08 Genghis Cohen LA CA            with Eric McFadden9.26.08 Fillmore Lounge SF CA              with Railroad Earth9.28.08 Green Tortoise Hostel SF CA10.7.08 Cafe DuNord SF CA10.12.8 Towne Crier Pawling NY10.17.8 Nomad Cafe Oakland CA10.21.8 Fillmore Lounge SF CA            with Stereolab10.22.8 Boom Boom Room SF CA10.24.8 Axis Cafe SF CA10.25.8 Calistoga Cellars, Calistoga CA11.13.8 Giordano Bros. SF CA11.22.8 Ace in the Hole Pub Sebastopol CA12.5.08 Dolores Park Cafe SF CA12.13.8 Left Coast Cyclery Berkeley CA12.15.8 Fillmore Lounge SF CA            with Black Crowes 2007(41 Shows) 1/13/07 Private Party New London CT1/26/07 Dolores Park Cafe San Francisco CA1/27/07 Arspace San Francisco CA2/2/07 Connecticut Yankee San Francisco CA2/3/07 Fillmore Lounge San Francisco, CA2/10/07 Studio 352 San Francisco CA2/17/07 Fillmore Lounge San Francisco CA2/22/07 Henflings Tavern Ben Lamond CA3/21/07 Cafe DuNord San Francisco CA4/1/07 The Goat Farm, Oakland, CA4/14/07 ArSpace, San Francisco CA4/20/07 Ireland's 32 San Francisco CA4/21/07 Fillmore Lounge San Francisco CA4/26/07 Henflings Tavern Ben Lamond CA4/27/07 Cooper's Nevada City CA4/28/07 Laughs Unlimited Sacaramento, CA4/29/07 Laughs Unlimited Sacaramento, CA5/5/07 Studio 352 San Francisco CA5/10/07 G Street Pub Davis CA5/19/07 Jack Russell Brewery Camino CA5/20/07 The Knockout San Francisco CA6/2/07 Community Housing Project Oakland CA6/8/07 Arspace San Francisco CA6/9/07 Forestville Club Forestville CA6/14/07 Hotel Utah San Francisco CA6/15/07 Kentuckiana Pride Louisville KY6/21/07 Dolores Park Cafe San Francisco CA6/26/07 Fillmore Lounge San Francisco CA7/8/07 SLO Pride San Louis Obispo CA7/10/07 The Fillmore San Francisco CA7/13/07 Mountain Winery Saratoga CA7/14/07 Mountain Winery Saratoga CA7/14/07 The Plant Sausalito CA7/21/07 San Francisco CA7/25/07 Mojito San Francisco CA8/4/07 El Rio San Francisco CA8/17/07 El Rio San Francisco CA8/31/07 The Independent San Francisco CA9/8/07 Independent San Francisco CA10/2/07 Cafe DuNord San Francisco CA10/6/07 12 Galaxies San Francisco CA10/13/07 Private Party Berkeley CA11/8/07 Starry Plough Berkeley CA 2006 (72 Shows) 1/18/06 Argus Lounge San Francisco CA1/26/06 Studio Z San Francisco CA2/4/06 Channel 29 Studios San Francisco CA3/15/06 12 Galaxies San Francisco CA4/1/06 The Fassberg House Fairfax CA4/27/06 Hotel Utah San Francisco CA5/5/06 Bobolink Music Festival Belden CA5/6/06 Bobolink Music Festival Belden CA5/7/06 Fillmore Lounge San Francisco CA5/12/06 Peacock Lounge San Francisco CA5/27/06 Anchorage Square San Francisco CA5/28/06 Anchorage Square San Francisco CA5/31/06 Fillmore Lounge San Francisco CA6/10/06 Housing Project Opening Oakland CA6/11/06 Connecticut Yankee San Francisco CA6/16/06 Dolores Park Cafe San Francisco CA6/17/06 Anchorage Square San Francisco CA6/18/06 Anchorage Square San Francisco CA6/22/06 Connecticut Yankee San Francisco CA6/25/06 Faerie Village SF Pride San Francisco CA7/4/06 Anchorage Square San Francisco CA7/6/06 Connecticut Yankee San Francisco CA7/7/06 Aroma Roasters San Francisco CA7/8/06 Sophias Thai Cafe Davis CA7/9/06 Anchorage Square San Francisco CA7/13/06 Mobius Ashland OR7/15/06 Private Party Portland OR7/17/07 Fillmore Lounge San Francisco CA7/20/06 Connecticut Yankee San Francisco CA7/22/06 Anchorage Square San Francisco CA7/23/06 Anchorage Square San Francisco CA8/10/06 Joe's Pub New York, NY8/14/06 Taboon New York, NY8/24/06 Cafe DuNord San Francisco CA8/25/06 Sophias Thai Kitchen Davis CA9/3/06 Private Party North Lake Tahoe CA9/8/06 El Mocambo Toronto CAN9/9/06 Barrymore Music Hall Ottowa CAN9/10/06 Main Hall Montreal CAN9/13/06 Higher Ground Burlington VT9/14/06 Iron Horse Music Hall Northampton MA9/15/06 Harper's Ferry Allston MA9/16/06 Irving Plaza New York NY9/19/06 Brokerage Club Bellmore NY9/20/06 Ashland Coffee and Tea Ashland VA9/21/06 8x10 Baltimore MD9/22/06 World Cafe Live Philadelphia PA9/23/06 Jammin Java Vienna VA9/26/06 Evening Muse Charlotte NC9/27/06 The Gray Eagle Asheville NC9/28/06 Eddie's Attic Decatur GA9/30/06 Skipper's Smokehouse Tampa FL10/1/06 Common Grounds Gainesville FL10/3/06 Bluebird Cafe Nashville TN10/5/06 Little Brothers Columbus OH10/6/06 The Ark Ann Arbor MI10/7/06 Earlham College Richmond IN10/8/06 Canal Street Tavern Dayton OH10/10/06 Headliners Music Hall Louisville KY10/11/06 Southgate House Newport KY10/12/06 Martyr's Chicago IL10/13/06 CSPS Cedar Rapids OH10/14/06 The Gargoyle St Louis MO11/2/06 Connecticut Yankee San Francisco CA11/5/06 Brick by Brick San Diego CA11/10/06 Slim's San Francisco CA11/30/06 Slim's San Francisco CA12/1/06 Arspace San Francisco CA12/12/06 Tres Agave San Francisco CA12/13/06 Blondie's San Francisco CA12/21/06 Connecticut Yankee San Francisco CA03/02/06 Cafe DuNord San Francisco, CA02/04/06 Channel 29 Studios San Francisco, CA01/28/06 The Ballroom Berkeley, CA01/26/06 Studio Z San Francisco, CA 2005 12/17/05 The Independent San Francisco, CA12/16/05 Jambase Holiday Party San Francisco, CA11/04/05 Fillmore Poster Room San Francisco, CA10/21/05 Fillmore Poster Room San Francisco, CA10/14/05 McCabe's Santa Monica, CA10/13/05 The Attic Santa Cruz, CA10/12/05 Freight and Salvage Berkeley, CA10/11/05 Freight and Salvage Berkeley, CA 10/09/05 Sam Bond's Garage Eugene, OR10/08/05 Berbati's Pan Portland, OR10/06/05 Tractor Tavern Seattle, WA09/27/05 Fillmore Poster Room San Francisco, CA09/22/05 Great American Music Hall San Francisco, CA09/7/05 Rickshaw Stop San Francisco, CA08/25/05 Bread and Roses San Mateo, CA08/20/05 La Raza Park San Francisco, CA08/16/05 The Fillmore San Francisco, CA08/14/05 Private Party Oakland, CA08/12/05 College Ave. Church Oakland, CA08/04/05 Swig San Francisco, CA07/21/05 12 Galaxies San Francisco, CA07/14/05 12 Galaxies San Francisco, CA07/09//05 Canvas Cafe San Francisco, CA07/07//05 12 Galaxies San Francisco, CA06/20/05 Elbo Room San Francisco, CA06/17/05 Pan Pacific Hotel San Francisco, CA06/15/05 Oakland City Center Oakland, CA06/10/05 Java Junction Clearwater, FL05/27/05 Epic Arts Teahouse Berkeley, CA05/24/05 Napa Opera House Napa, CA05/17/05 12 Galaxies San Francisco, CA05/14/05 The Independent San Francisco, CA04/23/05 Freight and Salvage Berkeley, CA04/22/05 Freight and Salvage Berkeley, CA04/16/05 House Concert Corte Madera, CA04/10/05 House of Blues Los Angeles, CA04/08/05 The Independent San Francisco, CA03/23/05 Sweetwater Saloon Mill Valley, CA03/20/05 Hotel Utah San Francisco, CA03/19/05 Dolores Park San Francisco, CA03/03/05 The Last Day Saloon San Francisco, CA02/17/05 12 Galaxies San Francisco, CA02/10/05 The Independent San Francisco, CA01/22/05 Paradise Performing Arts Center Chico, CA01/20/05 The Park San Francisco, CA01/11/05 ODC Theatre San Francisco, CA 2004 11/20/04 Genghis Cohen Los Angeles, CA11/19/04 Twiggs San Diego, CA11/18/04 Two Dogs Coffee San Louis Obispo, CA11/16/04 Roy Santa Barbara, CA11/12/04 Zebulon's Petaluma, CA11/09/04 Comcast San Francisco, CA11/08/04 Muddy Waters Arcata, CA11/06/04 Brandborg Winery Elkton, OR11/05/04 The Rabbit Hole (Noir) Portland, OR11/04/04 Luna Eugene, OR11/01/04 Tractor Tavern Seattle, WA10/29/04 Bamboo Room Lake Worth, FL10/28/04 Luna Star Miami, FL10/25/04 The Brandy House Atlanta, GA10/23/04 Java House Conyers, GA10/22/04 The Cave Chapel Hill, NC10/20/04 Gravity Lounge Charlottesville, VA10/16/04 The Grog and Tankard Washington, DC10/15/04 Cyber Cafe West Binghamton, NY10/14/04 Stuart Opera House Nelsonville, OH10/13/04 Victorian's Midnight Cafe Columbus, OH10/11/04 Nietzsche's Buffalo, NY10/09/04 ABC Cafe Ithaca, NY10/08/04 Paradise Rock Club Boston, MA10/07/04 Iron Horse Northampton, MA10/06/04 The Waiting Room Burlington, VT10/03/04 Mannex NY, NY10/02/04 Arlene's Grocery NY, NY09/30/04 The Independent San Francisco, CA09/18/04 Blue Ridge Harvest Fest Lafayette, GA09/17/04 Blue Ridge Harvest Fest Lafayette, GA09/16/04 Blue Ridge Harvest Fest Lafayette, GA08/07/04 Thompson's Millerton, NY07/29/04 12 Galaxies San Francisco, CA07/10/04 Mountain Winery Saratoga, CA07/09/04 Mountain Winery Saratoga, CA07/04/04 High Sierra Music Festival Quincy, CA07/03/04 High Sierra Music Festival Quincy, CA07/02/04 High Sierra Music Festival Quincy, CA06/26/04 SF Pride Celebration San Francisco, CA06/25/04 Cafe Du Nord San Francisco, CA06/21/04 Elbo Room San Francisco, CA06/20/04 Mountain Winery Saratoga, CA06/10/04 Minna Street Gallery San Francisco, CA06/06/04 Santa Cruz Pride Celebration Santa Cruz, CA06/05/04 United Nations Plaza San Francisco, CA05/01/04 Cyber Cafe West Binghamton, NY04/25/04 Towne Crier Pawling, NY04/24/04 The Bitter End NYC, NY04/23/04 The Black Sheep Amherst, MA04/22/04 Nectar's Burlington, VT04/21/04 Neitzche's Buffalo, NY04/03/04 12 Galaxies SF, CA03/03/04 Great American Music Hall SF, CA02/12/04 Cafe Du Nord SF, CA01/22/04 The Plush Room SF, CA01/15/04 The Tongue and Groove SF, CA 2003 12/08/03 The Red Devil Lounge SF, CA11/01/03 The Cutting Room NYC, NY10/31/03 Towne Crier Pawling, NY10/29/03 Cyber Cafe West Binghamton, NY10/22/03 Spot Buffalo, NY10/20/03 Nietzche's Buffalo, NY10/17/03 Brutopia Montreal, CAN10/16/03 Metronome Burlington, VT10/15/03 The Larkin Albany, NY10/12/03 Borders Books Burlington, VT10/11/03 The Black Sheep Amherst, MA10/10/03 Provincetown Inn Provincetown, MA10/05/03 The Black Cat Washington, DC10/04/03 The Living Room NYC, NY10/02/03 The Bitter End NYC, NY9/28/03 Ghengis Cohen Hollywood, CA9/28/03 Westwood Brewing Company Los Angeles, CA9/27/03 Hot Monkey Love San Diego, CA9/26/03 Ojai Brew Pub Ojai, CA9/25/03 Zoey's Ventura, CA9/20/03 Red Devil Lounge San Francisco, CA9/16/03 Humboldt State University Arcata, CA9/14/03 Muddy Waters Arcata, CA9/13/03 Brandborg Winery Elkton, OR9/12/03 Luna Eugene, OR9/11/03 Burlingame Acoustic Room Portland, OR9/10/03 Le Voyeur Olympia WA9/6/03 Kickstand Cafe Tacoma, WA9/5/03 Mars Bar Seattle, WA9/5/03 Borders Books and Music Seattle, WA9/4/03 Blakes on Carral Vancouver, BC9/3/03 The Upstage Port Townsend, WA8/24/03 Sonoma State University Rohnert Park, CA8/23/03 Brainwash San Francisco, CA8/17/03 Konocti Field Ampitheatre Clear Lake, CA8/16/03 Little Valley Bistro Sunol, CA8/13/03 Humphrey's by the Bay San Diego, CA8/12/03 Humphrey's by the Bay San Diego, CA8/10/03 Avila Beach Resort Avila Beach, CA8/9/03 Mountain Winery Saratoga, CA8/8/03 Mountain Winery Saratoga, CA8/3/03 Dodge Theatre Phoenix, AZ8/2/03 Anselmo Valencia Ampitheatre Tucson, AZ8/1/03 House of Blues Las Vegas, NV7/25/03 Cafe DuNord San Francisco, CA7/19/03 Tim's Place San Francisco, CA7/08/03 Sweetwater Saloon Mill Valley, CA6/29/03 SF Pride Celebration San Francisco, CA6/07/03 Sweetwater Saloon San Rafael, CA6/01/03 Art Salon San Francisco, CA6/01/03 Sausalito Art Fair Sausalito, CA5/30/03 Broadway Studios San Francisco, CA5/24/03 Little Valley Winery Sunol, CA5/22/03 Nameless Theatre Oakland, CA5/09/03 Popcorn Anti Theatre San Francisco, CA5/02/03 Kung Fu Lounge San Rafael, CA4/24/03 Pawley's Island Tavern Pawley's Island, SC4/19/03 Jammin' Java Columbia, SC4/17/03 Evening Muse Charlotte, NC4/16/03 Patrick Sullivan's Knoxville, TN4/15/03 Skipper's Smokehouse Tampa, FL4/13/03 Dogwood Festival Atlanta, GA4/10/03 Java House Conyers, GA3/12/03 Bread and Roses Benefit San Francisco, CA2/08/03 Little Valley Winery Sunol, CA2/02/03 House of Love Caberet San Francisco, CA1/31/03 Broadway Studios San Francisco, CA1/26/03 Bazaar Cafe San Francisco, CA1/24/03 Kung Fu Lounge San Rafael, CA 1/23/03 Kimos San Francisco, CA1/4/03 Bottom of The Hill San Francisco, CA 2002 12/18/02 Rite Spot San Francisco, CA12/04/02 Bazaar Cafe San Francisco, CA11/23/02 Renee's Park City, UT11/22/02 Stonewall Cafe Salt Lake City, UT11/21/02 Lazy Moon Salt Lake City, UT11/19/02 Southside Johnny's Colorado Springs, CO11/16/02 Swallow Hill Denver, CO11/15/02 Starbucks Arvada, CO11/13/02 Artichoke Sandwich Bar Wichita, KS11/11/02 Arsagas Espresso Cafe Fayetteville, AR11/9/02 Culley's Pub Springfield, MO11/8/02 SMSU Springfield, MO11/7/02 Mellow Mushroom Asheville, NC11/5/02 The Evening Muse Charlotte, NC11/2/02 Fogartyville Cafe Bradenton, FL11/01/02 Cafe Kaldi Sarasota, FL10/31/02 Manatee Community College Bradenton, FL10/29/02 DTs Down Under Athens, GA10/28/02 Six String Cafe Cary, NC10/27/02 Bluebird Cafe Nashville, TN10/26/02 Java House Conyers, GA10/25/02 Eddie's Attic Decatur, GA10/23/02 Patrick Sullivans Knoxville, TN10/21/02 The Vibe Austin, TX10/20/02 Wellness and Clean Air Festival Dallas, TX10/19/02 Egos Austin, TX10/17/02 Galilleo Bar and Grill Oklahoma City, OK10/15/02 Range Cafe Bernarillo, NM10/14/02 Val Verde Socorro, NM10/13/02 Cafe Tazza Taos, NM10/11/02 Muse Coffee House Tempe, AZ10/10/02 Hazy Days Tucson, AZ10/7/02 UC Berkeley Berkeley, CA10/5/02 First Saturdays in Alameda10/4/02 Dolores Park Cafe San Francisco, CA10/2/02 Bazaar Cafe San Francisco, CA9/27/02 The Living Room New York City, NY9/26/02 Don Hills New York City, NY9/23/02 135 Pearl Bridgeport, CT9/22/02 Acoustic Cafe Burlington, VT9/20/02 Towne Crier Pawling, NY9/21/02 Fire and Water Northampton, MA9/20/02 Towne Crier Pawling, NY9/17/02 ABC Cafe Ithaca, NY9/13/02 Dolores Park San Francisco, CA9/7/02 Temescal Arts Center Oakland, CA9/4/02 Bazaar Cafe San Francisco, CA8/31/02 Zodiac Club San Francisco8/17/02 Mill Valley Arts Commission Benefit Mill Valley, CA8/9/02 Bazaar Cafe-4th Anniversary Bash San Francisco, CA8/7/02 Bazaar Cafe San Francisco, CA8/4/02 Artists and Writers Collective Party San Francisco, CA8/2/02 Little Valley Winery Sunol, CA7/26/02 Dolores Park Cafe San Francisco, CA7/23/02 The Bitter End New York, NY7/21/02 Towne Crier Pawling, NY7/20/02 Pawling Summerfest Pawling, NY7/11/02 Katy Vawter Photography opening San Francisco, CA7/10/02 Bazaar Cafe San Francisco, CA7/6/02 First Saturdays in Alameda Alameda, CA7/3/02 Bazaar Cafe San Francisco, CA6/30/02 SF Pride San Francisco, CA6/27/02 iMusicast Oakland, CA6/9/02 Sonoma Pride Santa Rosa, CA6/5/02 Bazaar Cafe San Francisco, CA6/1/02 First Saturdays in Alameda Alameda, CA5/31/02 Hotel Utah San Francisco, CA5/13/02 Spokane Community College Spokane, WA5/9/02 Great American Music Hall San Francisco, CA5/1/02 Bazaar Cafe San Francisco, CA4/20/02 knOwhere Store Palo Alto, CA4/3/02 Bazaar Cafe San Francisco, CA3/27/02 Red Devil Lounge San Francisco, CA3/22/02 Starry Plough Berkeley, CA3/18/02 Great American Music Hall San Francisco, CA3/9/02 El Cerrito Farmers Market El Cerrito, CA3/7/02 Folkfly @ Javacat San Francisco, CA2/24/01 Green Party Event San Francisco, CA2/14/02 Hot Lunch Gallery San Francisco, CA2/13/02 Strings Berkeley, CA2/6/02 Bazaar Cafe San Francisco, CA2/1/02 Viva Variety San Francisco, CA1/27/02 Bazaar Cafe San Francisco, CA1/8/02 Viva Variety San Francisco, CA1/2/02 Bazaar Cafe San Francisco, CA 2001 12/13/01 Javacat San Francisco, CA12/5/01 Bazaar Cafe San Francisco, CA12/1/01 Adelphian Club Alameda, CA11/7/01 Bazaar Cafe San Francisco, CA10/21/01 The Bitter End NYC, NY10/20/01 Creations Cafe New Paltz, NY10/19/01 Towne Crier Pawling, NY10/7/01 Castro Street Fair San Francisco, CA10/5/01 Dolores Park Cafe San Francisco, CA10/2/01 Bazaar Cafe San Francisco, CA9/30/01 Kulak's Woodshed North Hollywood, CA9/29/01 Hallenbeck's General Store Hollywood, CA9/29/01 Zoey's Ventura, CA9/27/01 Muddy Waters Santa Barbara, CA9/23/01 Bazaar Cafe San Francisco, CA9/22/01 Canvas Cafe San Francisco, CA9/21/01 Club Muse Albany, CA9/19/01 19 Broadway Fairfax, CA9/18/01 Bull's Eye Ashland, OR9/17/01 Black Forest Eugene, OR9/16/01 Cafe Paradiso Eugene, OR9/15/01 Majestic Theater Corvallis, OR9/13/01 Governor's Cup Salem, OR9/10/01 Red & Black Cafe Portland, OR9/8/01 Medicine Hat Gallery Portland, OR9/7/01 Mt. Tabor Theater Portland, OR9/6/01 Starbuck's Beaverton, WA9/5/01 Tractor Tavern Seattle, WA9/4/01 Antique Sandwich Shop Tacoma, WA9/3/01 Olympia World News Olympia, WA9/2/01 Stuart's Coffee House Bellingham, WA9/1/01 Issaquah Public Market Issaquah, WA8/22/01 Tower Theater Fresno, CA8/19/01 Mountain Winery Saratoga, CA8/18/01 Mountain Winery Saratoga, CA8/17/01 Mountain Winery Saratoga, CA8/15/01 Humphreys by the Bay San Diego, CA8/14/01 Humphreys by the Bay San Diego, CA8/12/01 Lancaster Performing Arts Center Lancaster, CA8/7/01 Viva Variety San Francisco, CA8/02/01 Green Party San Francisco, CA7/27/01 See-Spot Ithaca, NY7/25/01 ABC Cafe Ithaca, NY6/24/01 Bazaar Cafe San Francisco, CA6/24/01 San Francisco Pride San Francisco, CA6/19/01 Wild Side West San Francisco, CA 6/10/01 Sonoma Gay Pride Santa Rosa, CA6/1/01 19 Broadway Fairfax, CA5/31//01 Last Day Saloon San Francisco, CA5/27/01 Justin Herman Plaza San Francisco, CA5/22/01 Momi Toby's San Francsco, CA5/20/01 VooDoo Lounge San Francisco, CA5/12/01 Barnes and Noble Walnut Creek, CA5/10/01 Paradise Lounge San Francisco, CA5/2/01 19 Broadway Fairfax, CA4/27/01 Red Square Burlington, VT4/26/01 Daily Bread Cafe Richmond, VT4/24/01 Yale University New Haven, CT4/23/01 Black Cat Washington, DC4/22/01 Fire and Water Northampton, MA4/21/01 Baggot Inn New York, NY4/19/02 Town Crier Pawling, NY4/7/01 Adelphian Club Alameda, CA3/14/01 Sweetwater Mill Valley, CA3/13/01 Bazaar Cafe San Francisco, CA 2/26/01 Cafe du Nord San Francisco, CA2/24/01 19 Broadway Fairfax, CA2/15/01 Barnes and Noble San Francisco, CA2/13/01 19 Broadway Fairfax, CA2/9/01 Book Beat Fairfax, CA2/6/01 Strings Berkeley, CA2/2/01 Sweetwater Mill Valley, CA1/23/01 Sweetwater - Best of Open Mic - Mill Valley, CA1/23/01 Theatre Rhino San Francisco, CA1/15/01 Sweetwater Mill Valley, CA 2000 12/12/00 Bazaar Cafe San Francisco, CA11/18/00 Private House Party Corte Madera, CA11/16/00 Momi Toby's San Francisco, CA11/15/00 19 Broadway Fairfax, CA11/14/00 Fort Mason San Francisco, CA10/25/00 Bread & Roses San Francisco, CA10/21/00 Private House Party San Francisco, CA10/19/00 Chabot College Hayward, CA10/1/00 Castro Street Fair San Francisco, CA9/29/00 Barnes and Noble San Francisco, CA9/23/00 Rock Out SF San Francisco, CA9/22/00 Skylight Cafe San Francisco, CA9/7/00 Green Party SF Office Opening San Francisco, CA9/6/00 New Georges San Rafael, CA8/24/00 19 Broadway Fairfax, CA8/17/00 Jahva House Oakland, CA8/13/00 Hotel Utah San Francisco, CA8/12/00 Bazaar Cafe Anniversary Show San Francisco, CA8/11/00 Copperfields Cafe Petaluma, CA8/9/00 Bazaar Cafe San Francisco, CA7/30/00 Pearl Cafe Seattle, WA7/29/00 Ste. Michelle Winery Seattle, WA7/28/00 Britt Festival Medford, OR7/25/00 Fox Theater Visalia, CA7/22/00 Mondavi Winery Napa, CA7/21/00 Mountain Winery Saratoga, CA7/20/00 Mountain Winery Saratoga, CA7/18/00 Humphreys San Diego, CA7/17/00 Humphreys San Diego, CA7/9/00 Mondavi Winery Napa, CA7/8/00 House of Blues Las Vegas, NV7/3/00 Earbuzz Anniversary Show Benicia, CA6/25/00 SF Pride San Francisco, CA6/23/00 Slims San Francisco, CA6/21/00 Bread and Roses (Centerpoint) San Rafael, CA6/20/00 Theatre Rhino - Viva Variety San Francisco, CA6/15/00 Telluride Troubadour Competition Telluride, CO6/13/00 Dragonfly Cafe Salt Lake City, UT6/10/00 Borders (Stonestown) San Francisco, CA6/4/00 Hotel Utah San Francisco, CA5/25/00 Jahva House Oakland, CA5/18/00 19 Broadway Fairfax, CA4/29/00 The Cellar @ Johnny Foleys San Francisco, CA4/23/00 Living Room New York, NY4/20/00 Lion's Den New York, NY4/16/00 Kirkland Cafe Cambridge, MA4/15/00 NeMO Music Showcase Boston, MA4/11/00 Bazaar Cafe San Francisco, CA3/24/00 Campus Theater San Francisco, CA 3/18/00 Club Fab - Talent Show Winner Guerneville, CA2/26/00 Club Fab Guerneville, CA2/8/00 Theatre Rhino San Francisco, CA1/27/00 Slims San Francisco, CA ”